- Model MBF - Micro Band Filter


The DEVISE MBF is a mechanical micro-solids separator based on the ‘continuous band/tapefiltration’ principle that is used to remove solids from all kinds wastewater. This machine can remove organic and inorganic matter, such as food waste, tissue- paper, inert material, fat, grease, animal slaughter remains, fish-remains and other biodegradable suspended solids from a wide range of industrial wastewater as well as from common municipal sewage. The MBF is a very compact and efficient separator and due to its effective solids removal capacity which can go down to particles as small as 20 microns by utilizing the filtered cake, it can be used as part of a complete wastewater treatment facility. In fact the capability of the MBF to remove very fine suspended solids and consequently significant biodegradable loads from the incoming wastewater, offers an efficient alternative to the use of a fine-screen and a primary clarifier, commonly encountered in the treatment facilities.

 The DEVISE MBF can achieve similar results to the combined use of these two treatment processes (fine-screen + clarifier) but at a much smaller plan-foot area and in an odour-free way due to its fully closed compact design. 


The MBF separator is a fully automatic device that through a continuously moving filtering-tape retains on its surface the fine particles that are suspended in the incoming wastewater. The ‘filtering tape’ is made from polyethylene or polyester material and comes in a range of mesh-sizes from 100-300 µm to suit the application.

An efficient “mechanical-scraper” and an “air/water-knife” mechanism cleans the ‘filtering-tape’ while an additional hot-water back-washing system maybe incorporated in some applications to improve cleaning efficiency. The filtering-tape motion is activated automatically when the solids have accumulated on its surface and an automatic speed controller adjusts the separator’s flow-capacity. The MBF incorporates a sludge dewatering system that uses a ‘screw-compactor’ thus producing a dewatered waste-sludge cake with solids content of up to 30% - 40%.


The MBF has been especially designed for industrial and heavy wastewater effluents as a very versatile solids separator. It can be used in a number of wastewater treatment applications, such as waste liquid effluents from:

  • Slaughter houses
  • Meat processing factories
  • Fisheries & fish processing factories
  • Food & Juice processing
  • Septic Tank treatment facilities
  • Municipal Sewage

The solids removal efficiency of the separator can reach 80 % depending on the nature of the wastewater and since it is able to remove organic suspended matter, it can remove up to 20 % - 50 % of the BOD5 load, depending on the wastewater type. The MBF can also be used after a coagulation & flocculation stage as a very effective ‘physical-chemical’ separation process that can provide COD removal in excess of 50% in certain applications.


The DEVISE MBF separator offers unique advantages compared to other primary wastewater treatment processes:

  • Very compact design, only 10 % of the area is required compared to conventional systems
  • Limited or no Civil Works
  • Efficient TSS and COD reduction
  • High Solids sludge concentration (30% - 40%)
  • Significant Energy Savings (up to 50%) in the Treatment Facility after using the MBF
  • Lower investment costs
  • Elimination of odours
  • Fully automated equipment
  • Easy to operate and maintain