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- Model 102 - For Saltwater Environments



MicroClear 102 is a high potency, bacteria-laden, powdered formulation for use in controlling algae through the competition of available nutrients in the water. MicroClear 102 contains a specially formulated, proprietary blend of microorganisms and surface tension suppressants/penetrants. Because of the diversity of the microorganisms' enzymes, this product is excellent for increasing water clarity through controlling algae population. The safe naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes are present in high numbers to handle difficult algae and odor related problems in a saltwater environment with high salinity 1-3%. Before and after photos of bioaugmentation trial.


Reduces needs for chemicals  Enhances BOD/COD removal  Reduces hydrogen sulfide  Reduces unsightly algae  Cost effective/Easy to use  Eliminates malodors  Contains facultative anaerobes  Environmental friendly, Contains no chemicals  Degrades a wide range of complex organic compounds  Safe to the environment , Restores water quality  Removes available Nutrients and BOD from water, outcompetes Algae  Able to grow in environments that other species will not flourish in

Bioaugmentation Application
Facultative Lagoons, Aerated Lagoons, Fish Farms, Collection System, , Salt Water environments, Sewers Lakes, Fountains, Holding Tanks, Golf Courses, Wastewater Plants, Oxidation Ditches, Ornamental Ponds, Basins, Shrimp Farms.

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