Micrometer Syringe Unit



The Burkard micrometer syringe unit delivers precise volumes against fixed rotation to the micrometer. Two standard syringes, 1cc and 10cc, of known plunger diameters are compatible with this instrument. The syringe unit is supplied with pivot mounting for right and left hand operation.

The Micrometer syringe has a variety of uses for research, and the unit is suitable for hand-held applications or for mounting in a laboratory stand to ensure greater stability. A mounting pin is provided for right or left hand use with a knurled clamp screw.

Three syringe sizes are offered: 1ml (standard), 50 µl and 10 ml (optional). The 1ml and 50 µl syringe both use the standard mount and clamp screw. The 10ml syringe is supplied complete with adapter sleeve and clamp screw. The syringe is hand held or assembled to a laboratory stand using the mounting pin. The body of the unit provides holes for left or right hand fitting of the pin which is clamped by the knurled screw.

The unit can accept 1cc to 10cc syringes. A 1cc syringe is supplied as standard. Each graduation on the micrometer thimble represents 0.2µl using the 1ml all-glass syringe, 1 full revolution of the thimble will deliver 10µl. The 50 µl syringe should be calibrated before use. For the 10ml syringe the volumes are multiplied by 10 but the columns quoted are only possible if the correct type of syringe is used.

Other makes of syringe should have barrel and plunger diameters identical with the 1cc or 10cc syringes supplied by the company. Alternative hypodermic needles may be preferable for different applications.

  • Long Term Accuracy
  • Positive Universal Clamp
  • Infinitely Variable Aliquots
  • Ease Of Use
  • Simple Design

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