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Microwave Electronics


CEL can take up development work on ferrite phase shifters with customized specifications. Features : Latching, Reciprocal, Low insertion loss, Fast switching. Electronic Scanning Phased Array antenna Systems 

  • Parameter:C-Band:X-Band 
  • Bandwidth:500 MHz:500 MHz 
  • Min. Differential Phase Shift:354.5º:354.5º 
  • VSWR(max.):1.9:1.9 
  • Average RF Power (in Watts):10:8 
  • Peak RF Power (in Watts):250:150 
  • DC Switching Power (Watt):3:1.5 
  • Switching time ( m sec):150:150 
  • Insertion Loss (dB) Max.(at 20ºC):0.85:1.0 
  • Insertion Loss (dB) Max.(at 0,40,60ºC):1. 20:1.25 
  • Polarization:Linear:Linear 
  • Operating Temp (º C):0 to 60:0 to 60 
  • Weight (gms.):100:80

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