Model MIDI - Pin Bone Remover



The MIDI Pin Bone Remover is re-designed, fully manufactured and tested on site in Bedford, Nova Scotia to ensure dependability and reliability.

Fast and Economical
Rated at +/-6 fillets per minute, the MIDI is very cost effective, saving time and money.

Easy to Use
Re-designed for comfort with an ergonomic lightweight handle.

Damage-Free Fillets
The MIDI will remove pin bones without tearing or damaging the fillet. It is very effective on salmon, trout, and freshwater whitefish and related species between 1–8 kg.

Rigor Mortis
Rigor mortis begins shortly after slaughter. Bones will break off when pin boning in this state. Generally, fish will be out of rigor after 36 hours depending on the icing process.

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