Midrange Harrow



Rite Way's Midrange Harrow will become the most flexible and valuable piece of equipment on your farm. While regular harrows can't provide adequate straw managment and heavy harrows may knock over and remove more reside than you would like, the Midrange provides the ideal amount of trash management.

Here's what it can do:

  • spread the straw or bunch it
  • break the crust on topsoil
  • encourage weeds to germinate on the surface where they can eliminated.
  • dry out wet spots in your field
  • incorporate herbicides

The Rite Way Midrange is available in 55' and 78' widths.

The Midrange folds and unfolds in minutes without the operator ever leaving the tractor cab. And with our unique FORWARDTM unfolding system (patent pending), it can be folded and unfolded simply by driving forward.

  • 55' and 78'
  • FORWARDTM unfolding system (patent pending)
  • Adjustable tine angle from 60° to 90°
  • Floats over uneven land to prevent uneven tine wear and ensure maximum performance
  • Solid draft arm autofold
  • Chromed, heavy-duty pins for durable connection

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