Milanese snc

- Live Fish Transport Tanker


This machine is a self-moving truck in proper time prepared to suck and transport fish from one place to another inside of a fish farm. It is not qualified for street circulation outside of a fish farm. On the truck frame a vacuum fish pump is mounted to suck fish from land or concrete tanks while an electronic system weights the fish before to discharge it on another street transport truck or to a transformation plant.

The vacuum fish pump has two stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 200 lt each that suck and discharge fish alternatively actioned by a water cooling vacuum pump. The fish transport tank is built in stainless steel with strengthened double “T” inside frame. On the back there is a discharging fish pipe. A special hydraulic system drives all sucking and discharging pipes and movements.

  • Battery supply tension 100 Ah: 12: V
  • Diesel motor type Lombardini 9LD625-2: 20,6: kW
  • Min / Max pump working temperature: +0 / +80: °C
  • Hydraulic oil tank: 35: lt
  • Cooling liquid tank: 60: lt
  • Total dimensions: 210x630x235 h: cm
  • Tank dimensions: 200x250x100 h: cm

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