Milestones Grain Fabric Buildings - Flat Grain Storage

Our grain fabric storage buildings contribute to producing the highest quality grain. Use Milestones storage structures for remarkable covered protection. Milestones grain storage buildings cost approximately 50% less than the out dated vertical silos. Our flat grain fabric buildings are safer. There is low risk for dust explosions, less dust, a lower risk of entrapment and lower operational and maintenance costs when using a flat grain storage system from Milestones. Our grain fabric buildings protect product from being weather damaged, spoiled and infested. Natural light eliminates mold, bacteria and condensation. Milestones grain fabric buildings reduce exposure to spoiled plant material and preserve nutritional value. The natural ventilation helps to remove dust, excess heat and moisture. The exceptional height and clearance of our fabric grain storage buildings allow for easy equipment access and maneuvering within grain fabric buildings.

Fabric Building - Flat Grain Storage


Compared to a steel building, the grain fabric building offers clear, open span space, whereas a conventional building requires additional support poles. These support poles get in the way when maneuvering large machinery around within a building. As well, installation of a fabric building is typically much faster. 'It took just ten days to go up and it was simple to construct,' says Richardson. 'The entire project was 2.5 months and it would have been at least double the time frame for a conventional building to be part of the project.'

'The two main reasons we chose a fabric covered, steel truss building is because of the clearspan space and the ease of installation.'
- Matt Richardson, FSG Operations Leader


Cargill is planning to install a portable conveyor to be used when filling the structure with corn / grain and will use a tractor and portable auger to reclaim the corn / grain by truck. 'This was a fun project,' says Richardson. 'It is the first in our division and we are looking forward to seeing how it works out. This grain fabric building gives us big space that is affordable.'

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