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In 2005, Holm & Laue revolutionised bucket feeding with the invention of the Milk Taxi. Since then, carrying buckets has been a thing of the past, and every calf receives an optimally stirred mixture at the right temperature. Today, useful extras such as the electric drive, the remote-controlled dosing pump, the option to pasteurise and cool, hot water heating and the drenching probe for cows make the Milk Taxi an indispensable tool on modern dairy farms.

The newest generation, the Milk Taxi 4.0, is revolutionising bucket feeding once again.

The Milk Taxi now also enables reliable feeding and weaning based on age, which before was only possible with automatic feeders. It recognises every hutch and calculates the actual correct milk quantity for the calf! The Milk Taxi also knows the amount of milk required for the next feeding, and during the preparation, it already gradually produces the correct mixture, including fortifying whole milk. Mistakes and carelessness are no longer an issue. And the highlight: All of the feeding data can be permanently stored and accessed via tablet or PC at any time. As a result, errors in the feeding process can be localised and rectified immediately.

  • Milk Taxi model version 100 l, 150 l and 260 l with stable and manoeuvrable chassis on 4 wheels; 40 cm size front tyres
  • Electronic control with liquid level sensor, thermometer and statistics function
  • Powerful fl oor-mounted agitator turning at regular intervals in heating mode
  • Milk Taxi, model version 260 l (66 gal [US]), built as a trailer with jack wheel
  • Tank made of easy-to-clean, polished stainless steel
  • Lockable lid with sealing ring; opens to full radius
  • 1¼” drain tap for complete draining
  • LED headlight
  • Semi-automatic cleaning program
Options Pasteurisation Function
  • Pumping, mixing, heating as standard functionalities
  • Up to 6 programmable start time for the pasteurisation
  • Integrated water cooling
  • Three selectable programmes: 65° C for 35 minutes, 60° C for 60 minutes, 60° C for 70 minutes
Energy-saving warm-water heating
  • Dual wall as heat exchanger jacket on the outside
  • Hot water temperature monitored by sensor
  • Programmable heating start-up (up to 6 times)
Pump Assembly
  • Up to 9 freely programmable dosing quantities
  • Battery-powered stainless steel pump
  • Dispensing arm with ergonomic handle
  • Maintenance-free battery and charger
  • Electronic quantity control
Electric Heating
  • Effective full-surface heating
  • Gentle milk warming, to avoid any burnt milk
  • Model-specifi c power ratings (3 to 6 kW)
  • Programmable heating start times (up to 6 times)
Smart Mix
  • Exact filling level detection, flow measurement and programing of end timer
  • Mixing calculator for optimum milk replacer concentration
  • Calculated whole milk enhancement after determination of dry matter content, e.g. with refractometer (not included in scope of delivery)
  • Radio frequency identifi cation of pens
  • Slot number system with RFID transponder
  • 6 programmable feeding curves
CalfGuide for Milk Taxi
  • Lists of calves, Milk Taxi status report, work logs, and more
Tiltable Bucket Support Frame for Two 30 Litre Milk Churns
  • For transporting colostrum, drinking water and feeding buckets or similar
Wireless Remote Control on the Dispensing Arm
  • Distance to Milk Taxi up to 10 m (with optional longer tubing)
  • Option to preselect the dispensed quantity at the dispensing arm
EL-AN Electric Drive
  • Adjustable drive with two basic speeds (forward/reverse)
  • Maintenance-free 24V battery and charger
Failsafe tyres
  • 4 failsafe tyres
  • Durable soft, elastic polyurethane filling
Cow Drenching Equipment
  • 1.5 m drenching probe with quick release fastener and flow reducerColostrum Jar
Colostrum Jar
  • Stainless steel container for 8 l colostrum (aligned for use with a 30-litre milk churn)

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