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Milk Weighing System

Our milk weighing systems are fully automatic and it has a rugged and sturdy mechanical structure. It is combined with latest Micro Processor Technology which provides high speed, accuracy, reliability, long life with a trouble free performance. It has a unique programming and memory facility which makes it inevitable for milk weighing purposes.

  • It has a fully electronic weighing system which is microprocessor based
  • Membrane Keyboard is used to enter code no, fat, date, shift, cow buffalo milk.
  • Automatic Calculation is based on fat contents and pre- programmed rates
  • Printing on the pre-printed stationery is possible as per the requirements
  • Individual Farmer’s/Societies weekly or fortnightly report printing is done
  • It displays weight in kilograms and volume ids displayed in litres
  • The software is designed as per the requirement of the Customers
  • It is completely washable and Waterproof

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