Milking Systems



Today’s high producing cows need a milking system that can handle higher flow rates to effectively produce all they are capable of. When the system is restricted, vacuum fluctuates and becomes unstable. This will cause milk flow to slow down due to the decreased vacuum, liner movement is compromised, and cross contamination becomes a risk.

The best way to know if this is happening on YOUR dairy is to watch your milk hoses. 

When you see your milk hoses bounce it is YOUR INDICATION that your milking system is flooding. At that point vacuum becomes very unstable because slugs of milk are formed in the claw and hoses and can not get out without isolating the vacuum source. Those slugs of milk are what causes your hoses to bounce. Milking will slow down, and you simply will not get all of the milk that your cows are capable of producing. You also are at risk of udder health problems. 

BECO has the solution and there are many users that can testify to the benefits they are experiencing with the BECO H-Factor system. These benefits are SIGNIFICANT and you owe it to yourself to find out what these users know that you do not.

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