- 15 Gallon Bulk Tank

Our efficient, high quality bulk tanks are what you need to ensure quality dairy products. The insulated double-wall container and the quality of its built-in components ensure low energy consumption. All bulk milk coolers come equipped with electronic programmers with a digital temperature display. The 2'' diameter of the outlet valve allows for faster draining of milk from the bulk tank. For a slower drain when filling bottles, totes, or pails the included butterfly valve offers several settings to eliminate overfilling. They are free-standing, and simply plug into a standard 120 Volt 20 Amp outlet.  Adjustable feet enable easy leveling. These bulk tanks comply with 3A regulations and Grade A use.

Additional features include:
  • The tanks are equipped with an agitator, essential for quick cooling; easily your milk down from 95'F to 39.2'F in less than 2 hours.
  • The bulk tanks optimally run on a four milking cycle, meaning that the first milking should fill the tank 1/4 of the way allowing a 2 day storage. Only recommended, not required. 
  • The milk temperature set point is adjustable. 
  • The 'shoe box' styled lids keep your milk cool and secure. 
  • Bulk tank comes with a 2'' outlet valve and 2'' tri-clamp fitting butterfly valve option.
  • Easy Clean Butterfly valve (recommended for Grade A dairy use)
  • Standard Butterfly valve

Alternative Options and Accessories for Bulk Tanks: (Not included in original pricing)

  • Installation for chart recorder on bulk tank. Process involves the installation of a  temperature sensor under the outlet valve of bulk tank with a 12' cord to connect to chart recorder. Mounting and calibrating of chart recorder will have to be completed upon arrival.
  • Filler adapter kit to ensure a clean, direct fill of milk totes, jars, etc.
  • Chart recorder. Not all states require a chart recorder but it is important to check with your inspector before ordering a bulk tank. Chart recorder installations will happen before shipment.  

Bob-White Systems works hard to help our customers. We offer the opportunity to reserve bulk tanks with 50% down. Whether we are temporarily out of stock, the tank is not needed until a later date, or it puts an ease on finances we want our customers to have what they need. Deposits will be honored up to 60 days. Certain conditions may apply and equipment prices are subject to change. All deposits are refunded in full if the purchase is terminated. Reserve a tank today! 

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