Fedele Mario

Model MAX DUO - Transplanter



Trapiantatrice vertical rotating perforators glasses and with horizontal rotating feeder with 12 glasses, an operator for 2 rows. For transplanting at quincunx of plastic films, paper and bare soil, in a greenhouse and open field plants with conical and cylindrical ball max 5 cm in diameter and cubic max cm.4x4 and even seeds. Suitable for coupled tomato files and vegetables in general. Adjustable the couples of rows from min.cm.25 max 50cm. The distance between the pairs of files min. cm.38. Optional accessories: device for watering, pesticides, fertilizers, foam markers, etc. compactor.


  • Disc to open the furrow

  • Manure Spreader Distributeur

  • Micro-granulator

  • Water mixer

  • Premoulder

  • pure Tilling

  • Row -Traceur plot lines

  • Tank 300 lt

  • Rotating cell-holder for 4 traies

  • 5 shelf cell-holder

  • Rotating cell-holder for 6 traies

  • Supplementary cell-holder for 8 traies

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