Mills Nutrients

- Model C4 1-8-5 - Macro and Micro Nutrients


This product consists of a sophisticated blend of both macro and micro nutrients, bio-stimulants, carbohydrates and trace minerals that focus on guaranteeing the grower heavier yields while also enhancing the quality of the plants. Due to the potent Bio-Stimulants in C4, the plant produces massive amounts of essential oils and sugars.

Whether you’re growing flowers or are focusing on agriculture or fruits, this advanced nutrients blend will help your production grow –fast and qualitatively.

Here are just some of the wonders that the C4 blend could do for your plants: How to use?
This advanced nutrients product can be used from the second week of the bloom stage to the sixth week. Regarding quantities

  • quicker and more abundant fruit set
  • promote plant growth
  • your plants will develop denser, harder and heavier flower and fruit set
  • enhances your plant’s vitalitystimulates oil and sugar production

Try the C4 hydroponic nutrients mix and your bloom will EXPLODE! You’ve never seen anything like it.

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