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Mini Sugarcane Harvester


0 WEBSITE: SKYPE: elena.forbes11 Mini sugarcane harvester usually is self-propel sugarcane harvester or connected with tractors. It has functions of picking up fallen sugarcane, cutting and paving the stalk. Mini sugarcane harvester can adapt to different land forms. Features of Mini Sugarcane Harvester ●. It can reap and pave sugarcanes neatly in various nature state such as fallen sugarcanes. ●. Use advanced hydraulic control systems so that the machine can be adjusted according to different field conditions. ●. With small size, light weight which makes the machine more flexible on the field. ●. The knife can cut deep into 20-30mm soil layer, so the damaged rate is lower. ●. With low oil consumption. The oil consumption of this machine is less than 0.15kg per hour.

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