Miniature Organic Fertilizer Production Line


To beginners who are planning to manufacture bio organic fertilizers, Whirlston Fertilizer Machinery will recommend you to start with Mini Organic Fertilizer Production Line. It is with smaller production capacity (about 700 kg per hour), but high-level configuration. The whole line can be customized, so you do not need to worry about its adaptability. In other words, Whirlston provides Customization Service -- our technical personnel will specially design the production line in accordance with your Factory Building Design & requirement on capacity! Fertilizer Machines in the Miniature Organic Fertilizer Production Line 1. Self Propelled Compost Turner-Model HRSD-2000 2.High Moisture Fertilizer Crusher Machine-Model HMC-60 3.Horizontal Fertilizer Mixer-Model WJ-700 4.Double Roller Fertilizer Granulator -Model DZJ-1.5 5.Fertilizer Screening Machine-Model ZJ 1240 6. Fertilizer Packager-Model DGS-50F NOTICE: Fertilizer Dryer and Fertilizer Cooler are not equipped in this mini plant.

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