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- Model D14 Series - Feeders



Targeting broiler breeder layers the MiniSpinD14 is designed to distribute small portions of feed into the litter area to bring males and females together encouraging social interaction and improving egg fertility

  • Improved Fertility: The feed encourages birds to come out of cages, increasing interaction for improved fertility
  • Bird Performance: Birds searching for feed promotes exercise and aids muscle condition
  • Feed Distribution: Small portions of feed are distributed evenly in the litter area
  • Labour Saving: Automatic Operation with a timed start and automatic refill of the MiniSpin dispensers, in preparation for the next feed
  • Spread Pattern: The special oval spread pattern is engineered specifically to sprinkle feed around nest boxes encouraging the birds to come out
  • Easy to use: A simple timed controller automatically feeds at the same time every day

  • Conforms to welfare: Encourages the birds to move around and socialise,promoting a healthy condition
  • Reliable Operation: Premium quality components; Plasteel™(plastic coated steel) frame with durable plastic body, clear cone and stainless steel internal parts
  • Personnel: Not associated with hand feeding therefore able to move freely around the birds
  • Safe Operation: No risk of injury from moving parts, spinner plate is enclosed to deny personnel access
  • Vermin Proof: Hygienic easy cleaned materials assembled in a fully sealed system maintains feed freshness

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