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From the popular SpinFeeder range, we are excited to announce the launch of roboSpin, a unique new feeding system with a fresh approach to achieving optimum fertility rates and increased broiler production for broiler breeders. roboSpin travels down the length of the house on specialist tracking, distributing a small amount of food, just enough to entice birds down from the perches encouraging social interaction to positively influence egg fertility. An infertile egg costs the same as a fertile egg to produce, roboSpin will help increase fertile egg production in your flock.

  • mproves egg fertility
  • Promotes healthy bird performance
  • Allows easy flock management
  • Labour saving
  • Even spread pattern
  • Hygienic & vermin proof
  • Low cost system
  • Feeding down the centre of the house deters nesting and egg laying in this area reducing egg wastage

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