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With the increasing size of farms, the demands on feeding machines increase significantly. Reliability, ergonomics, serviceability and durability are crucial characteristics for today's feeding machines. Today, when we measure the mink and fox sheds in kilometers, it is essential that the feeding machine is a convenient and reliable tool for daily use.

The driver's seat on the Minkomatic m60 has been designed to be adaptable to all types of farm units. The whole cab is mounted on vibration absorbing rubber pads and, upon order, the seat height can be specified from 90cm up to 110cm. What is unique about this design is that the ergonomics and instrumentation remains the same regardless of the chosen height. An adjustable steering column makes it easy to find a restful and comfortable individual driving position.

With a solid floor platform, plus open right and front sides of the driver's seat makes boarding smooth and safe even in confined spaces. A major advantage is that one can, for example, easily leave the driver's seat straight ahead into the aisle.

The m60 is equipped with a protective frame which protects the driver in case of a roll-over accident. The roll bar also protects the driver effectively during refilling under the silo, in that the large protective arch prevents the machine from driving too far under the silo where there can be a risk of crushing injuries to the driver.

Flow control of feed quantity is adjusted by a rotary knob on the dashboard. The function is computer driven and highly accurate.  A grading scale on the rotary knob makes it easy to get a precise setting of the feed flow.
Only the best will do for the Minkomatic , which is naturally why the m60 has a real bogie wagon with oscillating axles. The advantages compared with the rigid axles include:  an even weight distribution on the wheels, a smooth ride even on rough surfaces, guaranteed pressure on the driving wheel, less tire wear and smaller twisting forces being transferred to the frame.

The m60 has hydraulic brakes on both rear wheels (rear axle on the bogie). The powerful brakes, together with our new safety system, make the machine very secure. The brakes are activated when the driver leaves the driver's seat. The machine can be run again with the driver back on the seat and a reset of the brake button on the dashboard.

The drive train on the m60 is operated by a hydraulic foot pedal. The drive train has hydraulic motors mounted directly on the wheels, a technique which keeps the force distribution to all driving wheels very constant.

The Minkomatic m60 has received a unique feed pump placement. With the feed pump mounted at the rear of the tank, the service and maintenance is made easy, and a pump replacement can be done in minutes instead of hours. The pump can even be maintained without the need to empty the feed tank.

The m60 is controlled by hydraulic articulated steering. A powerful oscillating articulated joint allows the machine to operate smoothly. The m60 has an innovative articulated steering system where it's guaranteed that the rear trailer always follows the front end. The driver doesn't need to concentrate on anything other than the front. The steering angle is as high as 50 degrees, making the turning radius very sharp.

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