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The MINTRX Rupture Disc has many of the same benefits as the ULTRX Rupture Disc, but is specifically designed to operate at lower burst pressures. When the patented precision controlled indentation on the rupture disc surface initiates the reversal action, full opening will occur. The MINTRX Rupture Disc excels in low pressure gaseous or partial gas/liquid systems. Consult the factory before using the MINTRX Rupture Disc in full-liquid applications.

  • Nominal Size Range: 1 ' - 8 ' ( 25 mm - 200 mm )
  • Burst Pressure Range: 20 psig- 139 psig ( 1,38 barg - 9,58 barg )
  • Recommended Operating Ratio: 90 % of the rupture disc's rated (stamped) burst pressure.
  • Seating Configuration: Flat Seat
  • Service: Gas - Consult the factory for liquid applications
  • B.D.I. Alarm System Compatible? : Yes
  • ASME Code Symbol Stamp Available? : Yes
  • Materials not indicated or shown may be available by special design. Contact the factory for more information.

(B.D.I.) Burst Disc Indicator

Continental Disc Corporation's Burst Disc Indicator (B.D.I.) Alarm System is designed specifically for use with C.D.C. Rupture Discs. Upon disc rupture, the Burst Disc Indicator strip is severed, disrupting the flow of electric current through the strip. An attached alarm monitor can then transmit a warning and/or activate appropriate equipment.

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Enviroguard Pipe End Covers

Protect free vent rupture disc piping and safety relief valve outlets from unwanted foreign material, rain, insects or birds by installing the ENVIRO GUARD pipe end cover. It is available for 90° or 45° pipe ends and may be purchased with an optional retrieval rope to retain cover near the location after venting.

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Heat Shield

Heat Shields are typically used to reduce the process temperature to which a rupture disc is exposed. Heat Shields are used where Teflon or other exotic material liners are required for corrosion resistance or as part of the rupture disc itself in combination with high process temperature.

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