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The mixing diet feeder MISAK is designed for the preparation of mixed diet using crushed, friable, shredding and fluid feeding for cattle, fowl, swine, etc. Furthermore it is designed for the preparation of the percolated corn SODAGRAIN, for the mixing of feeding mixture; or it can be used as a mixer for the preparation of garden substrate. (In order to ensure a high-quality mixing of mixture it is necessary to cut large feed to the maximum of 150 mm in length, because the mixing feeder is not equipped with active cutting.) From the point of feeding, this is a great advantage of this mixing feeder because the feed is not excessively crushed during the mixing and the very important structural fibre is retained in the mixture. The above-mentioned advantage is even more important if green-stuff and feeding with a low dry matter content (e.g. grains, beet cuttings) are added into the diet.

You can use variety of accessories (loaders, feed hopper, platforms, silo cutter-loader etc.) to load the mixing feeder. On the MISAK - 2N there is a hydraulic loader installed at the back of the wagon. This loader is powered by the hydraulic system of a tractor.

Electronic weighting mechanism
Each ingredient of the mixing diet mixture is weighted by an electronic tensiometric weighting mechanism, which is a standard part of the mixing feeder. There are four tensiometers in this mechanism, which provide the weighting unit by propulsions. Each tensiometer is able to weigh up to 5 000 kg and is positioned on the chassis frame. This ensures excellent stability of the weighting mechanism even during the movement in a rough terrain. You can preset up to 10 prescriptions with 6 ingredients in the memory of the weighting unit. Data for the weighting unit can be entered by the keyboard on the unit or they can be transmitted by a remote control from the tractor driver seat. The unit is also equipped with a chip, which can transmit data for PC handling. The weighting mechanism is furthermore equipped with a sound and optical signalling device, which is activated a short time before the ingredient loading is finished (c. 10 % weight left). The weighting unit is powered by the electric system of the tractor.

The quantity of discharged material is adjusted by the size of the discharge opening and by the driving speed. The lower the speed is, the bigger quantity is discharged and vice versa. The discharging is controlled on the display of the electronic weighting mechanism, where the required discharged quantity is preset. The sound and optical signalling device is activated a short time before the discharging of preselected quantity is finished (10 % weight left). It signals the discharging of the preselected quantity is at the end.

The mixing is supported by paddles and by a side staging auger, which are simultaneously in process. This system moves the material continually from the fore- to the backside and back through the auger, producing a perfect blend of all ingredients in a short time and with low power consumption. A tractor with a minimum of 41 kW is required. A closed mixing tank allows you to utilise the full-declared capacity of the feeder.

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