Misting System for Food Industries


THE PROBLEM: Food industry and food trading companies often manage products very vulnerable due to external conditions. Fresh foods are subject to significant weight loss due to dehydration. Fruits and vegetables dehydration rate reaches high levels such as 58%, in meat products, 15% in fish, and a 7% cheese. The appearance and quality of products is significantly affected, leading to similar economic losses. It is a target indeed for all food companies to keep their products fresh and hydrated for as long as possible.


now you can offer your customers an attractive production that looks like freshly collected, thanks to the innovative fogging systems of COOLMERCHANT. Specialized systems prevent dehydration not only to fruits and vegetables but also to meat, fish and cheese. Some of the application areas of applications COOMERCHANT offers are:

  • Super -Markets
  • Grocery stores
  • Fish shops
  • Butcher shops
  • Central food markets

The misting system COOLMERCHANT offers great advantages:

  • Reduces the weight loss of these products up to 90%
  • Extends the freshness up to 3 days
  • Sets the desired moisture level
  • It dramatically improves the appearance of products
  • The product seems to have only collected
  • Creates a stunning visual effect
  • Low cost of installation, maintenance and operation and high reliability (Italian manufacture)
  • Immediate payback of capital invested

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