- Model RPIC-03 - Irrigation Controller



The RainPro EXP is an expandable, easy-to-use irrigation controller. The unit has three different irrigation programs with 4 individual start times per program. Run times can vary between 1 minute and 6 hours. A Water budget feature allows temporary modification of the run time for wet or dry days. The run times may be decreased to 10% of the programmed time or increased to as much as 150%. A rain sensor is available to increase the flexibility of the controller. The base unit controls 3 valves. The RainPro EXP is expandable to 15 valves with optional 4 output expansion modules. The RainPro EXP has a battery backup in case of power loss and is weather-tight for outdoor placement. Electrical specifications * Transformer input : 120 VAC/ 60 Hz or 220 VAC/ 50 Hz * Transformer output: 24 VAC/ 1.25 Amps * Maximum output per station .50 Amps * Maximum total output 1.0 Amps * Maximum of 3 solenoids operating simultaneously

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