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- Model Pro 3k - Robust Fertirrigation Controller



The Mithra Pro 3k is a robust fertirrigation controller to manage 3 water systems, it is able to control: 50 irrigation programs with 10 valve groups each program. 50 valve groups. 30 recipes. 10 drainage trays. 200 irrigation valves. 9 fertilizers and 1 acid. 9 irrigation pumps. 27 auxiliary pumps. 27 blowers/agitators. 20 filters. 6 mixing valves . 9 different water sources. Maximum and minimum alarm of pH and EC. Digital Inputs to maximum and minimum pressure alarm. Meteorological alarms.. Digital inputs to clean filters. Irrigation water meter and fertilizer meter inputs. Double pH sensor.

  • It allows the user to start the irrigation by time, external signal, radiation, drainage or up to 3 external sensors.
  • It is possible to established the irrigation duration by time (hours, minutes and seconds) or by volume (m3)
  • Moreover, this system offers the possibility to irrigate by volume without water or fertilizer meters.
  • It controls the pH and E.C. Moreover, it is possible to use a double pH sensor and automatic E.C. correction depending on the sun radiation.
  • There are 4 ways to inject fertilizer: by time (by means of continuous injection during a period of time), by relative quantity of fertilizer by means of percentage, the third way is litres of fertilizer by m3 of water and the last one, litre of fertilizer by irrigation.
  • Automatic back wash of 20 filters, based on differential pressure sensor or accumulated irrigation time/volume.
  • EC pre-control with 9 different sources, 3 mix steps and 9 mix recipes.
  • Possibility to start programs and obtain status information via SMS
  • Communication with PC

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