- Model 268LRH - Hedge Cutters



Mitox 268LRH. If you’re finding it too difficult or dangerous to use a ladder when trimming your taller hedges, then the Mitox 268-LRH could be the solution. It has an overall length of 2260mm and with its 270° articulating cutter-head, even the tops of high hedges can be accessed easily and safely.

The Mitox 260-LRH Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer is driven by a powerful 25.4cc (0.75kW) that’s equipped with a full crankshaft; a feature that’s normally found on more expensive machines. The full crank not only provides more efficient power-transfer, but also confers exceptional long-term reliability. The lengthy 60cm blades on the Mitox 260-LRH are made from premium-quality steel that’s been specially hardened for superior cutting-performance and longer intervals between sharpening. They’re double-sided, so you can cut both ways for a faster work-rate; and they’re dual-reciprocating ensuring a neat cut with no plant-bruising.

Thanks its vibration-damping measures and lightweight build (it weighs only 6.1kg), the Mitox 260-LRH will remain comfortable and easy to handle during long sessions.

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