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Mix/F Cutters



The MIX/F cutter is a machine that can be adapted to reversible tractors of 30-70 hp, with front and rear work mode guaranteed with 180° rotation in a simple and effective manner of the three point attachment upright to the tractor. The double type of work is also permitted from the gearbox installed with free inner wheel which allows a speed of 1000 RPM in front mode through the inversion of the pulleys of the same transmission. Ideal for grass and shoots of vineyards and orchards with a maximum diameter of 4/5 cm.

A further fundamental characteristic of the MIX/F rear cutter is the profile of the entire machine, without the inspection hood, thus with single container, again with double sheet and without rounded side, predominant instead in the other Orizzonti models. Adjustment of the work height remains unchanged by means of a leveller roller with its roller raker that prevents clogging during shredding.

The MIX/F model is developed in different work measurements of 145/160/180/200/225 cm. Movement of the standard machine is provided for as mechanical, hydraulic upon request.

Standard accessories

  • Straight side
  • Body with double internal plate
  • Double basket for three-point attachment
  • Rods or Y knives (upon request)
  • Three-point attachment 1° and 2° category
  • Screw-on lateral movement device on chrome-plated rods
  • Addition of gear box with free inner wheel
  • Adjustable rear leveller roller Ø 160
  • No. 2 rows of counter knives
  • Reinforced rock fall protection straps
  • EC compliant accident prevention mechanisms

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