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Mix Rev Cutter



The MIX REV reversible cutter, suitable for work on grass, shoots of vineyards, orchards and cornstalks, ideal for tractors of 40-80 hp. MIX REV, the name leaves no room for doubt, the best you could wish for from a cutter with dual work mode, front and/or rear thanks to the double robust castle with three points, double reinforced sheeting to compensate for large impacts, liquid painted ideal to increase the duration of the cutter, adjustable rear roller in different positions to ensure an ideal working height, and last but certainly not least, a consolidated transmission, using gear box with double pto with free inner wheel and with toothed belts with 3-5 elements depending on the length of the machine. The work dimensions compatible with the MIX REV mod. are 145/160/180/200/225 cm.

As on all of the cutters of the Orizzonti company, in the castles for the three-point tractor attachment there are a number of slots to allow the machine to better adapt on the ground during work and to avoid abrupt slopes; everything available with mechanical movement and hydraulic upon request.

Standard accessories

  • Straight side
  • Body with double internal plate
  • Double basket for three-point attachment
  • Hammers or Y knives (upon request)
  • Three-point attachment 1° and 2° category
  • Screw-on lateral movement device on chrome-plated rods
  • Gear box with internal free wheel
  • Adjustable rear leveller roller Ø 160
  • No. 2 rows of counter knives
  • Reinforced rock fall protection straps
  • EC compliant accident prevention mechanisms

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