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We manufacture a full range of continuous mixed flow driers that allow us to provide a drier to suit most people's requirements. Our smallest drier has a capacity of 8tph and is just 2m high and our largest drier is capable of 150tph and is over 8m wide. Having such a wide range available as standard means that we are likely to be able to achieve the throughput capacity you require in the space allocated.

  • Capacities available from 8tph to 150tph.
  • Drier widths range from 2m to 8m.
  • Drier heights range from 6m to 15m.
  • A full range of optional extras allows for our driers to be designed to suit your individual needs.

Ease of Use Key Points Grain Dryer app     

  • Touch screen PLC panel with internet connectivity.* Read more about our PLC Panel >>>
  • Dedicated technical support line
  • Drier can connect to an app that is available in both the iTunes store & Google Play allowing you to control your drier from your phone, tablet or PC
  • A full range of optional extras allows for our driers to be designed to suit your individual needs.

Design Details
We have a dedicated design team who use the latest in 2D & 3D CAD technology to individually design each drier. We also have a dedicated R&D drier based at Cannington Grain Ltd which allows us to test and improve our drier.

Design Key Points

  • The Perry drier has a completely ledge free grain column to help prevent the hang up of straw or dust and other residue in the column which could become a fire hazard.
  • Dedicated R&D drier >>>
  • Tapered ducts help aid an even air speed through the column of grain across the entire width of the drier.
  • Unique features within our driers aim to promote even grain flow.
  • Variable cooling section that is adjustable from ground level.
  • Highly efficient shutter discharge as standard.

Construction Details
All of our driers are manufactured in the UK from high quality galvanised steel using the latest manufacturing methods to ensure we provide you with a quality product that will prove effective, efficient and reliable.

Construction Key Points

  • Fully galvanised construction.
  • Grain column is manufactured from 2mm thick galvanised steel.
  • The top row of ducts in the drier are manufactured from 3mm thick galvanised steel to prolong life.
  • All of our driers conform to both BS6399 for wind loading and BS5950 for structural strength.

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