Model Mk II - Mobile Livestock Handler


Following the success of our Mk I Handler, over 15 years, with more than 500 machines throughout Britain, we now introduce the Mk II. The Mk II has a Vari Width Full Access Crush and now has 8 nine-foot gates all hung on the crush. No lifting, with each set of four gates concertinaing together in transport.

  • This fully integrated Mobile Handling System can be easily operated by one person without any lifting. From transport to working within minutes. Twin Hydraulic rams raise and lower the machine. (Hand pump available if no tractor)
  • There are 8 nine-foot heavy-duty gates hinged on the machine. This makes a pen to hold 25/30 adult cattle or 30/35 yearlings. Additional cattle hurdles can be carried in the machine
  • The Race is 20 feet long. There is a full handling crush in the front with either a manual or automatic headgate
  • The gates concertina for transport. Two castor wheels on each set of 4 gates allow the gates to be rolled out to form the pen.  An adjustable leg on each gate allows for uneven ground and gives the pen stability
  • Two operator access gates and a sliding door assist in the control of animals through the machine
  • A weigh platform is available which fits in the rear portion of the race
  • Foot trimming equipment including foot blocks, winches etc. are available
  • All mobile handlers are fitted with a Vari Width Full Access Crush as standard (see below)

  • Variable width. The doors have a number of positions internally, adjustable in seconds, reducing the width of the crush to cater for all sizes of animals. This stops those yearlings from turning and puts the head in the centre of the yoke
  • Four pressed steel doors on each side of the crush allow complete access to all parts of the animal and if an animal goes down, the doors open outwards allowing the animal to rise with ease

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