Model MKS0 Medium - Professional Peat Substrate



Mikskaar MKS0 is a base product for making substrates on the site. The base substrate consists of neutralised natural peat with wetting agent for easier initial irrigation, no fertiliser or other ingredients have been added. The substrate is available in all our different structures, the correct structure can be chosen based on the purpose – size of containers, size of plants, lenght of cultivation period, etc.

The substrate is made of 100% natural, a little decomposed milled peat moss of Estonian origin, with high buffering ability, water and air porosity, it is pest and weed-free.

In order to guarantee maximum outcome and density, please water the peat before use during the opening of the bag, this enhances the process of decompression.
The MKS0 product may be packed in compressed small bales and also big bales. Palletised ready products are shipped in sea containers or trucks.

Makes your plants grow better!

Suggestions for use

  • For making substrates. For salt sensitive plants.
  • For small and medium size pots

Chemical characteristics
pH  5.2-6.0
N  8-20 mg/l
P2O5  7-16 mg/l
K2O  1-3 mg/l
EC  ≤0,1 mS/cm

Structure  1-10, 0-20, 6-20 mm
Density  140-160 kg/m3 or 180-200 kg/m3
Absorption  7-8 times its own weight of dry matter
Dry substance  80 g/l
Moisture  40-60%

Species  Sphagnum Sp
Organic matter content  Min 85%
Ash content  Max 15%

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