Model ML401A - Marine Navigation Light


Ideal for hazard marking, aquaculture, navigation, perimeter lighting & a host of other applications.

  • Based on LED technology, and its color complies to IALA Recommendations E-200-1.
  • Integrated design, enabling a rugged and completely waterproof seal capable of prolonged and deep immersion (IP68).
  • PC housing,UV resistance, shockproof and corrosion proof. Housing adapts the circumference focus Fresnel Lense. The case is made of stainless steel 316.
  • With birds pike.
  • 256 kinds of flashing rate are available, comply with IALA.
  • Intensity can be adjusted from 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of total intensity.
  • With photocell, and manual switch.
  • With Steel wire to prevent falling during mounting and adjusting.
  • With built in sealed lead acid battery, easy for replace.
  • No RF-radiations, EMC Compliant.
  • Extremely Reliable and cost saving.
  • unsnatch the screws and take off the housing. Circumgyrate stopper end to OPEN, open the stopper end, you will see manual switch, intensity adjusting switch and light adjustment switch.
  • Switch adjustment : open, toggle switch towards the ON side; off, toggle the manual switch toward the OFF side. (Note:When in the ON state, only at ≤ 300 lx ± 100lx illumination environment, the light will work.)
  • Light adjustment : manual adjustment of the encoder SWA and SWB, each regulating group corresponds to one lighting mode. corresponding 250 kinds of lights below annex, (6 lighting modes can be customized.) For example: VQ (6) + LFL 15 S。6 times within 15 seconds then long flashes once. 
  • Light intensity adjustment: Manually adjust the switch SW1 1,2- two code, different locations represent different light intensity. Details can be found in light intensity Fig.

Installation and Operation

  • Please read this manual before using this product.
  • Solar navigation light must be installed in a place where sunshine can be fully received, to ensure that the solar lights can work continuously.
  • Keep lamps and fixtures installed in the axis perpendicular to the mounting surface, mounting surface should be smooth and have sufficient mechanical strength.
  • If first time using, the light does not burning or weak burning in dark environment, put the solar light exposure to sunlight for 12hours, then it will work.
  • If stored for long periods, manual switch should be put OFF side, and in a low humidity and dry place, every half a year set the solar lights out exposure under sunlight for five days to ensure the battery capacity.
  • Manual switch is installed at the light bottom to protect the battery during transport and storage, and factory setting state: Switch—Off, Flash code—FL3S, SWA: 1 SWB: B, Intensity—75%。Put it to ON-side before installation or test, then adjust flash and intensity.
  •  Any questions in operation please contact us.

Product File

  • Model: ML401A
  • On Stream Date:December.28,2012
  • Applications:Applied to maritime buoy,river buoy,shore beacon, fixed pile dolphin and maritime oil well structure as signal light.
  • Standard:General Navigation light technical conditions; Navigation light signal color
  • Certificate:
  • Improve Records:None
  • Fault Records: None
  • Quantity/Delivery Day:5pcs/25Days

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