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With recent legislation legalizing the production of Medical Marijuana, Rough Brothers Inc. offers a full range of commercial greenhouse designs to meet almost any growing requirement.  With over 80 years of experience, Rough Brothers and the Regional Sales Representatives are uniquely qualified to provide complete packages  including structures, light deprivation systems, grow lights and environmental controls all geared to maximize efficiency and production of your Marijuana and Cannabis operation.  Let RBI show you how to use natural sunlight to maximize your ROI and MMJ production.

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Rough Brothers manufactures and installs a variety of greenhouses. Greenhouses can be glazed with an inflatable double poly, poly carbonate, or glass. Additional obscure surfaces can be used for the walls which include poly carbonate, corrugated metal, or insulated panels. Separate irrigation, shade, lights, and partition walls into zones for the flowering and vegetative rooms.

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Often referred to as blackout systems in a horticultural greenhouse, Rough Brothers offers multi layered systems that are attached permanently to your greenhouse or stand-alone systems that can zone a portion of your greenhouse.

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Grow lights are available in metal halide, high pressure sodium, LED, or plasma. Using the DLI of sun in your region and the desired µmol requirement at each stage, light quantity and sizing will be designed for your greenhouse.

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Supplemental CO2 delivery systems and controls are important to jump start your plants each morning. Rough Brothers will design and integrate these systems with the ventilation systems.

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With a variety of systems available, your irrigation systems can include water conditioning, dosing, sterilization, reverse osmosis, drip delivery systems or ebb & flow systems. Depending on your level of fertigation control you can select from volumetric or CPU variable control.

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whether you are looking for odor scrubbers, positive air pressure, or filtration systems your greenhouse can be equipped with a variety of systems.

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