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Model 5XFZ-15BX (Common Type) - Mobile Selection System



The machine is a mobile selection equipment that integrates: shelling, no crushing hoist wind selection, dust removal, specific gravity selection, screening and grading. Single processing can remove crops: hulls, clams, dust light impurities, alfalfa seeds, bud seeds, worms, moldy grains, black powder particles, large impurities and small impurities, etc. The material is divided into large and small granules and discharged from different outlets.

  • The function of the machine is concentrated, and the finished product can be produced in a single processing;
  • The machine has a wide range of applications, and all kinds of food crops can be used;
  • Save labor and low energy consumption;
  • The working environment is clean, environmentally friendly, low noise, low dust;
  • Maintenance is simple and fast, and the safety factor is high;
  • Easy to move.

  • Increase the shelling barrel and the double-breaking board without broken type shelling structure (the shelling board is 2*4 structure);
  • The closed hoist feeds the entrance and the working environment is significantly improved;
  • Double-tube hoist, equipped with no broken ultra-low speed bucket (large);
  • The diameter of the duct is increased to 350mm;
  • The diameter of the dust collector is increased to 800mm;
  • The specific gravity fan is processed by high-speed dynamic balance, and the operation is more stable;
  • Advanced electrical control system, overload overheating, automatic leakage protection;
  • Using 1.5 m * 2.4 m * 3 layer sieve structure, the screening interval is more reasonable;
  • The whole machine is well-made and reasonable in structure, which is more suitable for the use of users;
  • This model is patent protected.

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