Mobile Sheep Handler



Wheels easily removed for ground level working, Jack is provided, Use for routine work and shearing. Machine masts available, 915cc dosing race optional, Narrow race has variable width, Can carry sheep around the farm, Easily towed with a farm bike or carry bike on trailer, Room to carry weigh crate, footbath, turn over crate, plus extra penning hurdles, Race can fit either side of trailer, Drafting in the race or out the end of the race allows up to four way drafting in operation with two operators, Will carry many more hurdles for large flocks, All gates and hurdles are standard size, Penning hurdles are 1066cc high with horizontal rails, Trailer dimensions are 3965mm long, 1830mm wide with expanet flooring, 15 years on better than ever, With 10 penning hurdles will handle up to 120 ewes with lambs.

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