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Model 1000, 1050, 1051, 1150, 1151, 1326, 1401 - Storm Grain Carts



The Grain Storm series of grain carts offers a low profile and a narrow transport design. Available in Single, Dual Wheel and Track Axle options. J&M’s rugged grain cart construction has been helping farmers hold more, travel faster and unload quicker for over four decades, keeping them on the go even in the most extreme conditions.

SINGLES- The single wheel is a high flotation tire for minimal compaction and great maneuverability.

DUALS- The oversized wheel pivot pin reduces stress during transport, allowing the wheels maximum movement to walk over uneven terrain. Our unique pin and clamp design makes unfortunate tire changes quick and easy compared to hard to align dual pin systems, reducing downtime and expense from costly tire change-overs.

TRACKS - The Storm Tracker track system is designed with a belt-wide steel wheel system that utilizes a large 6” pivot shank, four pivoting mid-rollers (bogies) and a leveraged airspring that maintains maximum effective surface area over uneven terrain for reduced compaction.


  • Only J&M’s Front Folding Auger Design Offers Total Visibility
  • Designed with the operator in mind, the upper auger is positioned in the corner and extends toward the tractor cab, creating a closer, clearer view  when unloading grain.
  • The Front-Folding Auger features a unique design that provides 100% visibility during unloading AND equally important 100% visibility during the folding Sequence.
  • Other carts try to use words such as “corner-like” and “100% visibility” to appear the same, but they don’t compare.


  • Easily corrects auger position on too close or too far away approaches, all from inside the tractor cab. Standard equipment on all grain carts.


  • Super-Edge Flighting Balanced to Within One Ounce
  • All J&M grain carts feature thick flighting with patented Super-Edge that puts more material where it is needed, on the outer edge. In addition, we reinforce  the flighting at critical wear points to increase flighting life and durability.
  • All augers are balanced to within ONE Ounce. Precision manufacturing ensures a quiet running system that extends overall auger life and performance by    reducing vibration to the drive system.


  • Tank Design Allows Better Axle Placement For Balanced Tongue Weight
  • The weight distribution of J&M grain carts are superb compared to competitive carts. Due to different front and rear slopes in the tank design, the undercarriage axle can be positioned to produce a properly balance tongue weight, reducing the stress and upgrade costs on your tractor draw bar.
  • J&M grain carts offer a much greater advantage to you with significantly less tongue weight, providing reassurance of less wear and tear on your tractor and cart.


  • Unique Hopper Design Is Key To Excellent Cleanout In High Moisture Grain
  • J&M has built a solid reputation for excellent clean-out... even in high moisture grain. The secret is in the tank design. J&M grain carts feature a grain tank  with different front and rear slopes. This allows the grain to move downward at different speeds, creating a boiling effect. This design prevents bridging in  high moisture crops
  • Other carts that have front and rear tank walls at the same angle move grain at the same speed into the auger, which fails to ‘pull’ grain into the sump... allowing more grain to hang up.


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