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Euro-P Kleindienst GmbH

Model 1000/600 - Slurry Separator



The Euro-P separator (slurry separator) meets even the highest requirements, manufactured in full stainless steel design with high durability of all parts in contact with the slurry.The sophisticated rugged design allows for applications in demanding and challenging operating conditions at industrial and agricultural sites.The compact device 'Type 400 Separator' was especially designed for uses at small-scale applications compared to the bigger type 600 and type 1000 machines.

The separator is suited for separation of fibrous solids and particles from liquids in a broad range of applications. It goes from separating bedding and feeding remains from slurry to the separation of digested substrates at bio-gas facilities as well as applications to separate waste-water and effluents from abattoirs, cattle markets, breweries or other byproducts in food production.The separator is providing a high throughput at a low energy demand.

  • slurry separation, bio-gas facilities, food production

The liquids which are going to be separated are pumped in at the back of the machine. Using the ER2 pump a homogenous slurry is provided as the integrated chopping facility of the pump and its outstanding ability to do the agitation and pumping at the same time makes for perfect pre-conditioning of the slurry. The raw slurry flows onto the rotating stainless screen drum, the
liquid fraction runs down into a collecting tray and is discharged to the side of the machine. An overflow prevents overfilling, no readjustments to the input pump are needed (e.g. to compensate an unsteady flow while the level in the pit is going down). The suspended fibrous materials and other solids get “squeezed out” in two steps in between the rubber-coated compression rollers and the screen drum. At the front of the machine the separated dry matter gets scraped off by a synthetic scraper from the rotating screen and slides down on the front chute.

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