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Model 145030 - Electronic Tensimeter



Electronic tensimeter, measuring range 0-999 hPa, accuracy 2 %, digital display. For tensiometer tubes with a diameter between 21.5 and 23 mm. Inclusive 9V battery and measuring needle and carrying bag. The electronic tensimeter is a portable pressure sensor in a bag for measurement of the moisture tension in the soil, measured through a tensiometer tube placed in the soil. The measuring device can be moved from tensiometer tube to tensiometer tube allowing an unlimited number of measurements over a short period of time. The hypodermic needle of the tensimeter is fitted on the tensiometer tube through the silicon stopper after which the moisture tension can be read. The meter has a measuring range of 0-1000 hPa with an accuracy of less than 2%. Tensiometer tubes are available in various lengths.

  • Tensiometers have no own (frost sensitive) manometer on top
  • No vandalism risk
  • Suction is measured with hand read out meter
  • Separate meter has needle that penetrates rubber plug
  • Rubber plug seals automatically after penetration
  • Easy refilling of tensiometers

  • Maximum measuring depth: 150 cm
  • Measuring accuracy: ± 2.5 hPa
  • Measuring range: 0...1000 hPa
  • Porous material (cups): ceramic
  • Reading accuracy: 1 hPa
  • Registration type: digital
  • Package size: 45 x 30 x 20 cm
  • Volume of material needed: 20 ml
  • Weight: 5.5 kg

  • Irrigation research
  • Soil moisture measurements

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