Model 17 mm - Cross-Slat Panels



The Greten cross-slat panel was developed for pig fattening. This product has a u-profile in the transverse section. This made it possible to reduce the transverse slots between the two supporting ribs to a height of 5 cm. This construction reduces the adhesion of manure to the sides of the slots. In addition, the weight of the element is reduced, which facilitates installation of the slat panels.

The tread area to slot width ratio complies with animal husbandry regulations and with the standard DIN.

An improved manure removal edge prevents manure residues from accumulating in the slots. The animals can walk on the slat panels safely thanks to nonskid and animal-friendly surface.

This slat panel is especially suitable for pens with fully slatted flooring. Thanks to the optimum slot arrangement and dimensions of the tread areas this slat panel can be used up to final fattening.

The slat panel is statically calculated for animal weights up to 250 kg. Therefore it is also possible to use the slat panels for animals with higher weights than porkers. Appropriate concrete reinforcement of the slat panels enables economical manufacture of these products.

Bearing up to 3.20 m = 7 cm; from 3,30 m = 10 cm; from 3,50 m = 12 cm
Slot width: 17 mm
Tread: 8.3 cm

Please follow the slat panel handling and installation instructions!
You can request more information free of charge.

Can be delivered by factory-owned mobile cranes to building site passable by vehicles. The squared timber required for crane unloading must be provided on site by the customer.

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