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Model 210VC - Tomato/Vine System



For your commercial NFT tomatoes to remain consistent, AmHydro’s 210VC Tomato/Vine System is your answer. This unique model was designed to sustain these fast-growing fruits through a stable and easily-assembled system. If you’re looking to do more than just tomatoes, the 210VC is also suitable for peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, strawberries, peas, or any other long term vine crops.

  • The 210VC Tomato/Vine System allows you to acquire hands-on experience with hydroponics by actually growing in the system.
  • Take your produce to potential markets, put it in their hands and give them the taste test. In this way, they will know you-ftre serious. This will give you a solid indication of how much they-ftll be able to buy from you so you will know how large an operation with which to begin.
  • If a large commercial system is purchased, we will credit the purchase of the 210VC Tomato/Vine System to your order.

The 210VC System measures 2-ft wide x 10-ft long x 18-in tall and includes everything you need to start growing:

  • (10) Dutch Buckets measuring 10-in x 12-in x 9-in (20) plant sites for tomatoes, peppers, (10) plant sites for cucumbers
  • All necessary plumbing, submersible pump, float valve and drain valve for recirculation of nutrients
  • ABS plastic 30 gallon reservoir with lid
  • Sturdy galvanized table frame
  • Industrial grade conductivity meter
  • pH control kit
  • 2-in Rockwool Mini-Blocks and starter trays for propagation
  • High quality seeds: strawberry starts need to be aquired locally.
  • Vine twine and vine clips
  • Two-part Evolution Solution™ crop specific nutrients (lasts 6 months)
  • Hydroponic Food Production book
  • Complete setup and crop-specific growing instructions

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