The Mercator Corporation

Model 2400, 3600, 4800 - Maxi-Cap Gravity Separators


Gravity Separators, Destoners, Grain Processing and Seed Processing Equipment, Seed Cleaners and Grain Cleaners. For the sorting of contaminants which may have the same size as the desired product but lighter in specific gravity. Differences (depending on the product) as little as 1/2% can be detected.

Coffee:Removal of black beans, floaters, brokens, dried pieces of cherry from parchment or green coffee.
Cocoa: Sorting of nibs or chalky cocoa from cocoa beans.
Paddy: Removal of straw, hollow, diseased or immature kernels.
Sesame: Removal of stalks, brokens, mold-infested, immature or diseased sesame from unhulled or partially roasted sesame.
Garbanzos and edible beans: Separation of wrinkled, weather-affected beans, brokens and some splits.
Cereal grains: Sorting of ergot, aflatoxin mold, 'scab,' immature kernels.

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