Model 300 - Hydraulic Chute


The model 300 hydraulic chute is a smaller model built to handle cattle up to 1,200 lbs. This type of model is ideal for feedlot, stocker operations and other calf handling.

300 base model specs:

  • Overall height 6’4
  • frame height 6’0
  • overall width 6’0
  • frame width 57”
  • side height 56”
  • let down bars 25”

Options list for model 300 (Click here for pictures of available options)

  • slotted floors
  • head bender
  • gas powered unit
  • nursing door
  • side exit
  • palpation door bleeder
  • floating gates
  • tilting chute
  • cutting door
  • bleeder
  • yoke trailer

A variety of options are available on Trojan chutes, like slotted floors, head bender, gas powered unit, nursing door, side exit, palpation door, bleeder, floating gates, tilting chute, cutting door and a yoke trailer. Click on any photo for an enlarged view.

  • Slotted floor allows for easier clean up
  • Need to help a calf nurse? The nursing door protects individuals while allowing a calf access
  • The head bender helps immobilize the head.
  • The side exit allows for emergency if an animal goes down or is turned around.
  • The bleeder feature…
  • The palpation door makes preg checking safe and easy
  • Floating gates make…..
  • The cutting door gives an operator safe access for castration procedures
  • Foot injuries? The tilt option gives the operator easy access
  • The yoke trailer makes your Trojan chute portable

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