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Valmar Airflo Inc.

Model 455 - Granular Forage Preservative Applicator



The addition of a preservative when harvesting forage is the most important thing you can do to preserve its nutrient value and promote optimum palatability for livestock. Preservatives allow you to harvest at a higher moisture content. This means you put up a better quality crop containing more of the valuable leaf matter with less of the problems associated with heating. And when it comes to applying granular preservatives nothing is more accurate or easy to use than Valmar’s Forage Preservative Applicator. This applicator has been extensively researched and field tested to provide you with the most dependable and efficient means of applying preservatives during forage harvesting.

Mounts Easily to Most Balers
Valmar’s universal mounting stand allows you to easily attach the applicator to most makes and models of balers and forage harvesters.

Efficient Air Driven Application
With the fan driven air delivery system you are able to more evenly distribute granules through the hay mass, plus you’ll have more options on mounting locations than with gravity fed systems. The fan’s electric drive operates at 3600 RPM and easily connects to your tractor’s 12 volt system.

Extremely Accurate Metering

Valmar’s four outlet system with a 12 or 28 groove plastic metering roller allows you to precisely distribute granules at a rate of up to five pounds a minute. Preservative is distributed through flexible heavy duty delivery hoses with rigid outlet tubes.

Weather Tight Hopper
Valmar’s precision manufacturing keeps the weather out and the hopper screen prevents foreign materials from entering. It features a 2.8 cu. ft. capacity with a hopper bottom shut off for easy access to metering rollers for regular cleaning.

Convenient In-Cab Monitoring and Control
Monitor and control all applicator operations with Valmar’s convenient in-cab unit. With its large, easy to read digital display you’ll have complete control of metering by adjusting the roller RPM’s. An alarm sounds when there’s a problem with the system.

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