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Model 4LZ-0.4-L - Mini Combine Harvester


Traditional full-feeding rotary cutter combine harvester is with disadvantage of heavy threshing load, high impurity rate, hard harvesting of low paddy, high loss rate, frequently blocking while harvesting. This new combine adopts all-feeding lifting paddy technology, it can lift the lodging spike within 65 degrees and harvest, cut the ears of rice shortly and clean them, so threshing load is low, low impurity rate, rarely blocking while harvest. This mine combine harvester is with crawler, compared to traditional wheeled moving, it is excellent harvesting on different place, especially hilly farmlands. Appropriately designed grain sorting system effectively reduces the grain impurity rate. Light weight, narrow track pitch, convenient to transport, very good for hilly farmland harvesting. With flexible differential steering system, easy to operate. This mini combine is good for both dry lands and also paddy fields.

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