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Model 7614F - PTO Grain Vacs



614F fully-equipped grain vac for a substantial discount. It comes with a PTO, 36 feet of hose, a nozzle and a bin clean-up package. THE ALL NEW 7614F - Unbeatable Price & Performance! F is for Function, Walinga doesn’t build ‘cheap’ and reengineering a legend doesn’t equal compromise. Ruthlessly focused on performance the 7614F Grain-Vac is purpose built to do one thing, move grain and move it fast. Do fenders move grain faster? No. Does a fully articulated boom move grain faster? No. Working with customers Walinga engineered and delivered a performance built machine at a value price.

Height 120 in (305 cm)
Width 91 in (231 cm)
Length 104 in (264 cm)
Weight 2900 lbs (1315 kg)
Discharge Height 13 ft 5 in
HP Required 120 HP
PTO Speed 1000 RPM
Line Size 7 in (175 mm)
Blower #614 Walinga SRT (Sound Reduction Type), Super Hardened, Positive Displacement Blower
Airlock #1618-6
Hydraulics self-contained

Corn 8' HOSE LENGTH, 4500 Bu/Hour, 42' HOSE LENGTH, 3700 Bu/Hour
Wheat 8' HOSE LENGTH, 3900 Bu/Hour, 42' HOSE LENGTH ,3200 Bu/Hour

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