Model 8000N Series - Vertical Fold Liquid Fertilizer Applicator



The 8000N Series has a 30' or 40' toolbar with a 1050 or 1350 gallon tank. The transport width of the 8000N is 180' which is one of the narrowest transport widths in the industry. This provides safer road travel and helps limit the liability taken on by the operator while driving down the road.

Cost Competitive Model

Fast's focus in designing this model was to offer an applicator with many of the basic high quality design features that growers have come to known they can expect from Fast while still offering an applicator that features a lower price point. This applicator strikes this balance by offering a narrow transport width, Fast's patented 'Stealth' style tank, 30' and 40' hydraulic folding toolbars, hydraulic downforce to ensure fertilizer is placed in the ground, and hydraulic wing kick to tilt the wings when the toolbar is raised.

Short-Coupled Trailers

Short-coupled trailers are another way Fast applicators are designed to reduce crop damage by tracking on hill sides and turning on headlands. Just as with our sprayers, the short-coupled trailer follows your tractor better than other designs, which results in less crop damage and greater yields.The 8000N's hitch pin-to-axle length is 144'.

Powder-coat Paint

When you make an investment in equipment, you want it to last, which is why Fast's equipment is all finished with baked-on powder coat paint. Powder coat paint gives equipment great resistance to harsh chemicals, which leads to a longer life and better resale value for you.

Patented ''Stealth'1 Tank Design
Fast designed their patented tanks to include a large troughed sloped sump with an additional drop down for maximum cleanout of product so you can be sure there is no product left in the tank for an extended amount of time. This tank also provides a low center of gravity and more stable trailer design. The tanks low profile design also allows for better rear vision than traditional tank styles. The 8000N series offers 1050 and 1350 gallon tank sizes.

Single Reach Tongue
The single reach tongue on all Fast applicators is
specifically designed to reduce crop damage so the operator is able to have a sharper turning radius.

The standard tires on a 1050 gallon 8000N are 13.6x38' and the standard tires on a 1350 gallon model are 320/90R46' tires. Fast also offers the option to substitute 380/90R46' tires on the 1350 gallon model.

Hydraulic Pump
The Ace 150-206F is the standard pump on 8000N models. All pumps that are used on Fast equipment are field proven, durable and sure to have a long lasting life. Fast also offers John Blue ground drive pumps as an option.

Hydraulic Fold Toolbars/Wing Kick
All Fast8000N series are equipped with a 7'x7' tube toolbar that is available in either 30' or 40' widths. At Fast we try our best to equip all our products with as much versatility as possible which is why we have designed all our 8000N models to have an external hydraulic fold cylinder so the operator is able to fold the outer wing on a 40' toolbar and have the ability to use the same toolbar at 30' as well. The 8000N models are also designed to have a trademarked wing kick feature as well, so when turning the wing will kick up so this will result in less crop damage. This along with our 20' crop clearance from the bottom of the coulters helps prevent crop damage when turning on the ends.

Hydraulic Down Pressure on Wings
One of the most important features on an applicator is the ability to keep all coulters in the ground consistently with constant down force. This allows for a much more consistent fertilizer placement, which will result in higher yields and a higher return on investment that will be evident in the fall. All Fast applicators are designed to have hydraulic down pressure on the wings which will give the coulters better ground penetration and much more consistent application.

Toolbar Flex/Gauge Wheels
All Fast applicators are designed to maximize flex throughout the entire toolbar. This flex allow for much better ground penetration, even depth control, and consistent fertilizer placement in uneven terrain. The 8000N models come standard with two gauge wheels that will further assist with a more consistent application across toolbar

Standard on all Fast fertilizer applicators is 20' Clymer coulters. Clymer coulters are field proven, durable and sure to have a long lasting life, which is why Fast equips all their fertilizer applicators with the reliable Clymer coulters. Operators can choose between an injector style or the coulter mounted knife.

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