Spudnik Equipment Company, LLC

Model 9580 - 8 Row Vine Chopper



A lawnmower on steroids - when its green its gone. With the Vine Chopper Spudnik developed a mechanical alternative to chemical weed control. After chopping, as the potato skin sets and harvest begins, farmers have less vine to deal with. Different Rear Wheel Options Vine deflectors direct the cut vines into the furrows, allowing the cut potato stems to dry more quickly.

General Information

  • Number of rows8


  • 3-Point Rigid HitchStandard
  • 3-Point Spring HitchOption / Attachment
  • Rear Wheel Adjustment (hydraulical)Option / Attachment
  • Rear Wheel Adjustment (mechanical)Standard

Rear Wheel Option

  • 2 Gage WheelsNot Available
  • 4 Gage WheelsNot Available
  • Diablo WheelsOption / Attachment
  • Packer WheelsStandard


  1. Chain CurtainStandard
  2. Rubber CurtainOption / Attachment
  3. Steel CurtainOption / Attachment

Additional Options

  • Cutter BarOption / Attachment
  • Cutter Bar (flat)Option / Attachment
  • UHMW HousingOption / Attachment
  • Auto Lube SystemOption / Attachment
  • Second Chain CurtainOption / Attachment
  • Additional Gage Wheels (behind packer unit)Option / Attachment

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