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Model A25 - Vineyard and Orchard Manure Spreader



This orchard - vineyard manure spreader has small size, specific to use between narrow rows. Manure is localized on the foot of trees, with an adjustable spreading lenght from 1 to 4 meters. To enter / exit easier to the row, on request, the machine can be equipped with steering mechanic rudder to reduce the operating space (follow tractor track). It can be used with any type of organic fertilizer (manure, compost, digestate, vegetable waste etc.). The quantity of product to be spread is adjustable.

  • Load capacity 2,2 m³
  • Spread length 1 - 5 m
  • Tires 10.75 x 15.3
  • Weight 850 kg
  • Turbine diam. 1,05 m
  • Side walls height 0,70 m
  • Max. height 1,42 m
  • Platform lenght 2,80 m
  • Max. length 4,60 m
  • Max width 1,45 m
  • Hp power 35 / 40

Standard equipment:

  • Lateral roller
  • Fixed drawbar
  • Mechanical chain conveyor with 3 speeds

On demand:

  • Brake system (mechanic hydraulic)
  • Lights
  • Mechanical steering rudder
  • Lateral plate to localize manure mechanic or hydraulic
  • Hydraulical inclination of hydraulic plate
  • Hot galvanization of side walls or complete frame
  • Rear advancing door towed by conveyor chains
  • P.t.o. shaft
  • Hydraulic conveyor chains with adjustable speed

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