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Model a3 - Aquaculture Aeration Systems


The a3 System is simplicity at its finest. It combines aeration, degassing, circulation, and mixing all in one package and more importantly one energy source. This truly versatile system is a perfect solution for everything from increasing the density and health of outdoor ponds to eliminating water exchange and pure oxygen in indoor tanks and super-intensive raceways. Add to the system, and manage processes like fine-protein removal and water temperature control, again all with the same energy source. Used in all culture stages  nursery, brood-stock and grow-out. Contact us for your custom solution.

Certifiably the most efficient method in fresh water and increasingly better in sea water we use the power of the pump to re-circulate the water through our patented nozzles naturally aspirating ambient air at 3X's the volume of water being pumped. That huge volume of air is then sheared into the finest of micro-bubbles resulting in the highest dissolved oxygen transfer rate available anywhere.

This high air to water ratio strips CO2 from the water allowing the respiratory system to absorb more oxygen and increase metabolism. Creating a naturally alkaline blood stream results in healthier faster growing animals and eliminates mortality caused by disease.

Energy isn't spent in compressing air, it's used to move water creating a more natural flow and is adjustable by turning the direction of the nozzle(s). Positioning the nozzles at the bottom of the water isn't just for improved DO transfer, it also keeps solids in suspension and from creating problematic areas that may generate H2S hydrogen sulfide.

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