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- Model 5 - Liquid Insecticide



Liquid insecticide specific for the disinfestation of stored wheat, triticale, barley and oats in grain and of the environments intended for the storage of cereals. It acts quickly and lasting by contact and asphyxiation against adult and larval insects and harmful mites to stored cereals.


Weevils, flour beetles, sylvans (Oryzaephilus), trogoderma and other beetles, real grain moth (Sitotroga), gray moth of foodstuffs (Ephestia), Rhyzopertha (cappuccino), and in general insects and mites that frequent the stores and deposits.


Pirimiphos methyl pure gr 5


Direct treatment on cereals at the time of storage.
The product must be applied as such, with suitable distributor equipment*, upon storage, on cereals already subjected to the usual cleaning.
It is recommended, before introducing the foodstuffs, to provide for a thorough cleaning of the premises and then make a treatment of the walls and ceilings
with pirimiphos methyl formulation.

Dose: 8-16 ml/q cereals (80-160 ml / ton).
Environmental treatment
Dose: 100 ml/10 m2 surface.

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