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In the past, eggs that had either not been fertilized or had failed to developed properly had to be removed manually during the sorting process. With an AGM Fish Egg Sorter, you can do the job much faster and more accurately than is possible by hand. The machine has been developed through a collaboration between Aqua Gen, who came up with the concept, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture and Maskon.


The machine takes two photos of each individual egg – one from each side of a ratchet wheel. A computer assesses the quality of the egg based on a number of criteria. Unfertilized yes/no, twin yes/no, small-eyed, coagulations and, of course, dead eggs.

This sorting process is more accurate than any manual method. This means that the sorted eggs are of a higher quality, reducing the number of damaged larvae, and thereby the risk of diseases during production.

As the AGM Fish Egg Sorter works by computer analysis, it is easy to retrieve statistics and reports, such as the number of eggs by quality class, size, etc. AGM Fish Egg Sorter was awarded the Aqua Nor innovation prize in 2007.

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