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Model AGRIMIX-L2K/3K - Fertigation Unit



The fertigation system AGRIMIX-L2K (-L3K) allows the automatic mixing of 2 (3) mother solutions (A, B,(C)) and an acid solution for pH control, to form and distribute to the crop a fertilizing solution. The machine is controlled by a very easy to use, but powerful computer. Although conceived as an entry level low cost machine, it allows a very precise and reliable fertigation management.

  • Mixing IN-LINE: direct injection of A, B and acid solution in the pressurized water, according to the recipe programmed by the user (EC and pH).
  • AGRIMIX-L3K for mixing 3 mother solutions+acid (A, B, C).
  • Installation in by-pass of the main irrigation pipe. No booster pump is necessary: it uses the booster pump of the firm.
  • On-board recirculation pump for injecting the solution in the main irrigation pipe (maximum pressure of 5 BAR).
  • Designed for a maximum flow of 20 m3/h in the main pipe. Higher flow dimensioning possible.
  • Very efficient protection of the EC and pH probes for a long time use without problems.
  • 16 different recipes and 16 irrigation programs. To each irrigation program can be associated a different recipe and, also, the same recipe can be associated to different programs. In each recipe programmable alarm thresholds for high and low EC and pH.
  • In each irrigation program, control of the distribution of the fertilizing solution by activating in sequence 16 groups of valves, freely programmable. In each group from 1 to 4 valves that are activated for the same time (one valve and until 3 co-valves). For each group of valves it is programmable a different opening duration in minutes and seconds. Optionally a volume irrigation is also possible. In this case a litres counter must also be installed.
  • The base AGRIMIX-L2K/-L3K can command 8 irrigation valves. The AGRIMIX-L2/24 can command 24 valves expandable to 40.
  • An Irrigation Program can be activated at 5 different daily times; cyclically with a constant programmable pause and a programmable number of activations; cyclically, with variable pause between activations, in function of a light counter (solar integrator).
  • The EC and pH sensors are included. The light sensor for the light counter is optional.
  • An Irrigation Program can be activated everyday or only in certain days of the week (weekly programming) or with a certain interval in days (every two days, every three days, etc.).
  • Ergonomic construction: easy access to the computer by the operator, standing up, without bending.
  • Inox steel frame with levelling feet.

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